Covering and padding of seats

We restore your worn or damaged seats to their appearance for renewed comfort. Torn leather or stained fabrics, the BRS Express team specializes in restoring interior seats or vehicle seats. Designed to last a long time and to have a comparable quality , your new seats will be very comfortable. A custom-made product for your boat or motorcycle, each project meets your tastes and expectations to give you the best service. BRS Express’s mission is to give a second life to your favorite recreational vehicles.

Vehicle interior finishing

BRS Express will find the best solution to redo the interior of your vehicle without problem. We give a sparkling look to the interior of your boat or your recreational vehicle so that it is in your image. Burned by the sun, torn or even collapsed, each interior of a boat, truck or bus is a new unique project. Don’t hesitate to call on our specialists for a free quote

Replacement of vehicle covers

We are specialized in the replacement of damaged boat fabrics. The made-to-measure fabrics are resistant for several years and will be produced perfectly for your boat or trailer. BRS Express is able to manufacture fabrics with opening and zippers, your vehicle will be like new. Don’t let the wind or sun spoil your canvases , come see us to give them a second life.

BSR Express specializes in all types of vehicles. Come see us with your project for a quote.

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