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SeaWay 72

SeaWay 72 boat carpet is a flooring solution that combines elegance and durability for an exceptional boating experience. Specifically designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of the marine environment, this carpet offers a perfect balance between style and performance.

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SeaWay 72 Boat Carpet: Elegance and Resilience for Your Boat

Discover Seaway, the marine vinyl flooring designed for effortless cleaning and maintenance of your boat. Resistant to damage from gasoline, oil, alcohol, heat, and changing weather conditions, Seaway is a versatile solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor boat carpets. Choose quality and durability with Seaway, the perfect choice for an elegant and easy-to-maintain boat floor.




UV Resistance

Easy Maintenance

Staining Resistance


Shock Absorption

Recycled Materials


SeaWay 72 carpets can be used for the following applications:

Speed Boat

Cruiser Boat

Fishing Boat



Sail Boat

Ease of maintenance is a notable feature of SeaWay 72. It can be cleaned quickly and easily, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the elegance of your boat.

Additionally, its installation is easy thanks to an innovative locking system, eliminating the need for glue while providing superior stability and unmatched walking comfort.

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