Upholstery and furniture covering for

Outdoor Furniture

BRS Express also offers upholstery and covering services for outdoor furniture. Our expertise combines aesthetics, durability, and comfort to enhance your backyard. Whether it’s a lounger, a swing, or even outdoor patio fabric, our team takes care of your projects.

The Benefits of Upholstery and Furniture Covering for Outdoor Furniture:

Protection Against the Elements : Outdoor furniture is exposed to various weather conditions, from the sun’s UV rays to the elements like rain, snow, and wind. Upholstery and covering provide essential protection by preventing elements from penetrating and causing damage. This significantly extends the lifespan of your outdoor furniture.

Enhanced Comfort : Well-chosen outdoor cushions and upholstery add an extra level of comfort to your furniture. Whether for sitting, relaxing, or sunbathing, quality upholstery makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Personalized Aesthetics : Upholstery and covering offer an opportunity for personalization of your outdoor furniture. You can choose from a variety of fabric colors, patterns, and textures to match your personal style and the aesthetics of your outdoor space.
Financial Savings : Investing in upholstery and covering for outdoor furniture can save you money in the long run. Instead of replacing expensive outdoor furniture due to wear and tear, you can restore them at a fraction of the initial cost.

Increased Durability : By replacing the upholstery or fabric of your outdoor furniture as needed, you can prevent these pieces from becoming quickly outdated or damaged. This also means less waste in landfills, which is beneficial for the environment.

Types of Outdoor Furniture Suitable for Upholstery and Covering

Outdoor sofas and armchairs : These outdoor space focal points can benefit from upholstery and covering for an outdoor lounge ambiance. BRS Express specializes in all types of outdoor furniture.

Patio chairs : Seat and backrest cushions for patio chairs can be upholstered and covered for increased comfort during outdoor meals. Whether you’re in Montreal or anywhere in the greater Montreal area, BRS Express is the solution for your outdoor furniture.

Lounge chair cushions : Sunbathing becomes even more enjoyable with well-padded and covered lounge chair cushions.

Benches and banquettes : To create an outdoor relaxation corner, benches and banquettes can be upholstered for maximum comfort.

Garden cushions : Floor cushions and outdoor cushions are perfect for creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace.

Porch or patio screens : Say goodbye to mosquitoes. BRS Express can custom-make porch or patio screens with integrated mosquito nets.

Repair or maintenance of exterior canvas

BRS Express also offers the possibility of repairing your exterior canvas when they are damaged or burned by UV rays. Our team takes care of remaking each custom canvas. It is also important to have your canvas waterproofed to protect against UV rays after a few years.

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Upholstery and furniture covering for outdoor furniture are wise investments to improve the comfort, durability, and appearance of your outdoor space. Whether you want to protect your furniture from the elements, create a personalized aesthetic, or simply enjoy enhanced comfort, these services offer a practical and cost-effective solution to maximize your outdoor enjoyment. 

By relying on skilled professionals and utilizing high-quality materials, you ensure enduring and aesthetic results. With upholstery and covering for outdoor furniture, your outdoor space will transform into an oasis of comfort and style.