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Carpet, Canvas, Boat Seats, and Boat Interiors—BRS Express is the go-to solution for refurbishing your boat right here in the Montreal area. Trust our experts to breathe new life into your boat interior.

Our Range of Boat Carpets

When choosing your boat carpet, it’s not just about aesthetics. Depending on the area of the boat’s surface to be covered, it may require a different degree of resistance. However, it’s only natural that you want a covering that pleases the eye for your summer activities.

That’s why BRS Express offers you several ranges of carpets with various features.

Boat Interior Refinishing

Have your boat seats been damaged by pests ? BRS Express will find the best solution to refurbish your boat’s interior with ease. Whether sunburned, torn, or sagging, each boat interior is a unique new project.

We have robust materials to transform your boat and give it a fresh look. Contact us now to give your boat a second life!

Canvas Replacement

We specialize in replacing damaged boat canvas. Custom-made canvas are durable for many years and will be produced perfectly for your boat.

BRS Express can manufacture canvas with zippers, your boat will be like new. Don’t let the wind damage your canvases any longer; come see us to give them a second life.