Canva remplacement

Boat Canvas

Why customize your canvas at BRS Express?

  • Custom design for your boat
  • 5-year warranty on Sunbrella products and 3 years on labor.
  • Top-of-the-line, durable products
  • Wide choice of products, colors and styles

The different types of boat canvas

At BRS Express, we specialize in replacing various types of boat canvas. To receive a quote, please send us the information about your boat via email. Our team will be happy to address your inquiries. Here are some of the types of boat canvases we work with:

toile rapide

Transport canvas or quick canvas

These canvases are designed to cover and protect your boat when docked or on the move. They prevent dust, debris and water from getting inside the boat. These quick covers are held in place mainly by snaps all around the cover.

Bimini Top

A Bimini top is a lightweight, collapsible protective structure designed to provide shade and protect boat passengers from the elements, mainly the sun. With a Bimini top, your boat transforms into a tranquil navigation space, allowing you to fully enjoy your water activities.


Camper Top

Some boats are equipped with camper roofs to provide shade and protect passengers from the sun and rain. These canopies often feature mosquito nets and several plastic micas windows. They are very useful for long trips on the water or during cooler periods.

Pontoon Canvases (privacy canvas)

On the pontoon, you can find various types of roofs and canvas, such as the single or double bimini, the camper, the semi-camper, the quick canvas, transport cover, engine cover, as well as canvas equipped with mosquito nets and transparent mica. BRS Express custom crafts these elements to fit perfectly on your boat. 

toile ponton
housse moteur

Motor Cover

BRS Express also manufactures covers designed primarily for outboard motors. These practical, hard-wearing motor covers are proven for transport, but also protect engines from dust, dirt, sun, scratches and moisture. They can cover the entire motor, or just certain parts, such as the hood.

Solar Canvas

High-performance, aesthetically pleasing solar canvas are designed to fit large cabin and cockpit windows, especially on larger boats. In addition to protecting you from harmful UV rays, our solar blinds block the sun’s heat, helping to maintain a more comfortable interior temperature. These fabrics are translucent, offering different luminosities and a clear view through the windows during the day, while preserving your privacy inside the cabin by protecting it from outside view.

toile solaire

Mosquito netting for boats and plastic micas

We integrate mosquito netting and 30- or 40-gauge clear vinyl, commonly known as plastic micas, into the manufacture of boat canvas. The mosquito net sections allow better air circulation while keeping insects out. The mica plastic (clear vinyl) sections provide more light into the space, making it brighter and less confined, while providing excellent protection against the elements. These canopies can be installed around a canvas or hardtop roof to create additional living space on the boat, especially for camper and semi-camper roofs.

Sail Cover (Lazy Bag)

We design custom sail covers according to the dimensions of your boat. They are designed to match the style of your yacht, while protecting your sails from UV rays.

lazy bag
housse protection

Protective cover and storage bag

At BRS Express, we can custom-make a wide range of protective covers and practical storage bags for your boat or outdoor patio set. Whether you need a seat cover, a steering console cover, a buoy cover, an equipment cover, or even a cover for your wakeboard or personal watercraft, we can meet your needs in a variety of styles and colors.

Custom Canvas

BRS Express has the capabilities to create a wide range of custom canvas projects, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Our experienced craftsmen are ready to rise to the challenge and produce any custom canvas to your specific requirements.

housse remisage

The importance of replacing boat covers

Boat covers, whether bimini tops or camper tops, play a fundamental role in protecting your boat. They protect against the elements, UV rays, debris and potential damage caused by water and the sun. 

Regular maintenance and inspection ensures that your boat remains in good working order, ready to take to the water in complete safety. Contact us now to replace your boat canvas.

Canvas repair and maintenance

BRS Express also offers the possibility of refurbishing your canvas when the threads have been burned by UV rays or rotted due to the weather. Our team will iron each seam with a new UV thread. So you can extend the life expectancy of your canvas by several years. It’s also important to have your canvas waterproofed for UV protection after a few years.

Contact us now for a quote on canvas replacement for your boat.