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Pontoon 96

The Pontoon 96 boat carpet is a must-have choice for those looking to enhance the appearance and comfort of their pontoon while ensuring exceptional durability. Specially designed to meet the unique needs of pontoons, this carpet offers a perfect blend of elegance and robustness.

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Pontoon 96 Boat Carpet: Elegance and Durability for Your Pontoon

The Pontoon 96 is made from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of the marine environment. Its composition includes olefin fibers, known for their resistance to water and UV rays. This means your carpet will maintain its vibrant color even after prolonged sun exposure, and it will resist stains to keep its new appearance over time.




UV Resistance

Easy Maintenance

Staining Resistance


Shock Absorption

Recycled Materials


Pontoon 96 carpets can be used for the following applications:

Speed Boat

Fishing Boat


One notable advantage of Pontoon 96 is its resistance to gasoline and oil, making it an ideal choice for pontoons where such spills may be frequent. Pontoon 96 is an entry-level marine carpet designed to match your needs.

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