Our positive impact on

The Environment

BRS Express, through its mission to give furniture a second life, is a key player in the circular economy. The goal of a circular economy is to recirculate raw materials and products through the economy rather than disposing of them in landfills. To do this, a few strategies have been identified to achieve this, including repairing and reconditioning furniture.

For consumers, the choice is between restoring a piece of furniture or replacing it with a new piece of furniture. More often than not, cost will dictate that choice. In the age of disposable furniture, it seems wiser to replace furniture than to restore it. But in the long run, is it really more economical? Are the environmental benefits worth the cost?

The study carried out by the Comité 21 * Québec shows that it does.

  • Reduced material flow by 76,620 kg or 76.6 metric tonnes
  • Avoidance of 67,065 kg CO2 eq., Resulting from the carbon footprint of furniture.
  • Corresponds to the weight of 59 Honda Civic Hatchback.
  • Space freed up in the landfill (dump) by residual material diverted from disposal, this is equivalent to 17 above-ground swimming pools of 21 feet.
  • As for the carbon impact, 67,065 kg CO2-eq. is equivalent to 15 cars taken off the road.
  • The reduction in material flow induced by BRS Express in 2019 was equivalent to the waste generated by 110 inhabitants.

Re-Upholstered Office Chairu

This office chair not only found new life, but its owner saved the equivalent of 30 kg of material to landfill, and 30 kg of raw material used!

* Based on the Economic Demonstration and Environmental Impacts – BRS Express study, carried out by the Comité 21 Québec in October 2020, based on the number of furniture restored in 2019.

2-piece Sectional Sofa

Not only has this sofa regained its former luster, but its owner has saved the equivalent of 210 kg of material to landfill, and 210 kg of unused raw material. It is good to think about your portfolio when making a decision, but now is the time to include the environment in this process.

TerraCycle Program

BRS Express is now participating in the TerraCycle program, allowing residents to recycle certain products directly with us. The environment is crucial, and every action is significant.

TerraCycle is a company dedicated to recycling hard-to-recycle waste. The company is known for its innovative approach to recycling, often involving the creation of reusable products from the collected waste.