Furniture upholstery for


Custom Commercial Furniture

Restaurants, hotels, and even private offices – our experts specialize in refurbishing all types of upholstered furniture for you. BRS Express guarantees durable outcomes suitable for regular use within your business.

Custom Commercial Furniture:

  • Restaurant chairs and banquettes
  • Aesthetic chairs
  • Hair salon chairs
  • Dentist chairs
  • Waiting room chairs and armchairs
  • Massage therapist tables

Furniture for all businesses types

BRS Express offers companies the possibility of having custom-made furniture repaired, covered or upholstered. We provide good quality prompt service that will make your furniture last. 

Restaurant bench, dentist chair or massage therapist table, each piece of furniture can be redone to exact measurements and adjusted to your needs. BRS Express understands the importance of speed in keeping your business running.

This is why with the team of experts we are able to give your furniture a second life in no time. Our team will be able to refurbish your furniture with better quality to keep your operations going for a long time to come.