BRS Express has made it its mission to offer its customers an infallible, fast and superior service. For more than 15 years, the company has been working to give a second life to high-end furniture, antique or of great sentimental value to avoid owners from disposing of it.

Thanks to its expertise, its modern equipment and its variety of fabrics and textile materials, BRS Express is the ideal destination to allow you to find the original look or even transform your furniture or your vehicle up to date.


The BRS Express team is a big beautiful family that has been practicing in this field for many years. This is a team that is committed to giving new life to the thousand memories that your furniture holds. We are oriented towards transparency, honesty and efficiency. We provide higher quality service and every detail counts for us. The BRS Express team gains its success from every small project carried out to transform a piece of furniture.

Environment : Give your furniture a second life

BRS Express is committed to making a difference in the environment. Making your furniture quality products to last for years has always been at the heart of the priorities. At BRS Express, we are committed to giving your furniture a new lease of life so that you can keep it for another 10 years. We believe that a piece of furniture should not be thrown away after 4-5 years, a piece of furniture is made to last a long time and be part of the heritage.


BRS Express has more than 20 passionate and painstaking specialists. Cabinetmakers, upholsterers and seamstresses combine their talents on a daily basis to offer their clients the greatest satisfaction.


BRS Express is the fruit of the dedicated and passionate work of a cabinetmaker by trade: Benoit Robichaud. Self-employed when he started his career, he quickly noticed the shortage of specialized services in the field of upholstery and cabinetmaking in Québec. He wanted to offer owners of damaged or worn furniture and vehicles specialized upholstery, re-covering and cabinetmaking services, while guaranteeing short turnaround times. Thus, in 2003, he set out on his adventure in a small facility located in Île-Perrot. Benoit and his small team quickly earned the trust of various furniture retailers for their after-sale service.

One thing led to another and Benoit Robichaud passed his expertise and knowledge on to young craftspeople to make sure the quality of the work would continue. His firm has, to a certain extent, become a school for cabinetmakers and upholsterers. He now has more than 20 specialists working under his wing.

In an ongoing effort to offer a larger range of services, BRS Express acquired the firm Illusion, which specialized in bus seat repairs, in 2013. As a result of this merger and the flourishing growth of BRS Express, the Vaudreuil company had to move into more spacious premises in 2014. Its current offices, located on Highway 20 in Île-Perrot, include a vast workshop and a showroom equipped with a variety of textiles and repair tools.

The BRS Express specialists make an average of 60 home repairs every day, in addition to the work that is done in the shop. With its modernized equipment and its vast work area, the Ils Perrot firm now specializes in large-scale work such as repairing and transforming the interiors of antique vehicles and boats.

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