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Infinity Woven Vinyl

Infinity revolutionized the perception of floor coverings when they introduced the first-to-market marine woven vinyl flooring. Branded as Luxury Woven Vinyl (LWV), this product became the golden standard for flooring and overhauled the idea of traditional carpet in bowriders, cruisers, deck boats, pontoons, and yachts. Our unique designs and dynamic performance remain unmatched, solidifying Infinity LWV as the most high performing, durable and beautiful brand in the market.

Boat Carpet Infinity Woven Vinyl

Infinity is an innovative boat carpet made from 100% recycled vinyl and holds an eco-friendly certification. The superior quality of this woven vinyl carpet, specifically chosen by Infinity’s designers, stands out due to its lack of heavy metals such as lead and phthalate-based compounds.

Designed to meet the demands of the marine environment, Infinity incorporates anti-mold and antimicrobial agents, ensuring lasting freshness without retaining unpleasant odors. Additionally, UV agents are integrated to preserve the carpet’s color throughout its lifespan. Infinity comes in a variety of color combinations; refer to our chart for more details.

When it comes to maintenance, Infinity is both resistant to gasoline and oil, impervious to stains, and can be easily installed using detachable snap fasteners or directly glued to your boat. You also have the option to purchase it in rolls or have it custom-cut according to your preferences. Available in a 144 format for special orders.

IWV flooring and fabric is great for:

  • Architectural Design Specifications
  • Budget-Friendly Durability
  • Heavy Commercial Traffic
  • Humid Spaces Needing Mold and Mildew Resistance
  • Pet-Friendly, Easy to Clean Spaces
  • Sun Exposed Patios, Flooring and Wall Coverings


Infinity’s superb design resists wear, fading and is engineered with antimicrobial technology. Inspired by nature. Made for real life. Made in the USA.

8’6” and 10″ Widths

5-Year Limited Warranty




UV Resistance

Easy Maintenance

Staining Resistance


Shock Absorption

Recycled Materials


Infinity Woven Vinyl carpets can be used for the following applications:

Speed Boat

Fishing Boat



Sail Boat

As a testament to its quality, the manufacturer offers an exceptional 5-year warranty on Infinity. Choose excellence in boat carpeting with Infinity, an environmentally friendly and durable choice for your space.

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