Reclining mechanism

Is the mechanism of your comfortable reclining sofa broken or not working properly? BRS Express can get you the model you need at a more than competitive price starting at $ 199. The company also made a video explaining the simple way to install the mechanism yourself. Its experts remain at your disposal, however, and will be happy to do the work for you if you wish.

Upholstery materials

BRS Express has several catalogs in store with hundreds of high quality fabrics, imitations of leather and vinyl at low prices starting at $ 24.99 per yard. The team even has outdoor fabrics for your garden furniture! You can also know the number of frictions necessary for the wear of the covering material and thus easily compare the resistance levels. Most fabrics are pretreated against stains, UV rays and cold. You are therefore guaranteed to obtain a quality product that will retain its original color and long-term comfort.


Did a wrong move unfortunately break the handle needed to open and close your reclining sofa? BRS Express has several models of this type of handle in store for only $ 57 without installation. Its specialists can solve your problem in no time.

Other products

BRS Express makes a variety of products available to you :

  • Furniture polish
  • Anti-scratch treatments
  • Leather cleaners
  • UV protectors
  • Cylinder for console cover
  • Control button for electric mechanism
  • Power tilt motor

How to replace your sofa mechanism

How to replace your sofa handles

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