BRS Express Inc. is primarily an after-sales service company for all types of furniture. Each project is carried out according to your tastes, your expectations and details specific to your requests. With a range of thousands of different fabrics and vinyls, BRS Express will find the perfect combination for your tastes.


  • Loveseat (2 seater) starting at $ 899
  • Sofa (3 places) from $ 1199
  • Sectional from $ 449 per seat
  • Bergère chair from $ 599
  • Single seat chair $ 55 and backrest included $ 109
    * Choice of fabrics and vinyls in store
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Reclining mechanism

Is the mechanism on your comfortable, reclining sofa defective? BRS Express can get you the model you need at a very competitive price starting at $199. Moreover, the firm has produced a video with simple instructions for installing the device yourself. Nevertheless, its experts are available and will be delighted to do the work for you if you want.

Reclining mechanism
Upholstery materials

Upholstery materials

BRS Express has several catalogues in its store presenting hundreds of high-quality, low-priced fabrics, imitation leathers and vinyls starting at $24,99 per yard. You can also find out the amount of rubbing needed to cause wear and easily compare the resistance of various materials. Most fabrics are treated for protection against stains, UV rays and cold. In this way you can rest assured that you will obtain a quality product that will keep its original colour and comfort for a long time.


Has incorrect handling broken the mechanism for opening and closing your reclinable sofa? BRS Express has several handle models in the store at $57 without installation. Our specialists can solve your problem in no time at all.

Tyson Handles

Other products

BRS Express makes a variety of products available to you :

  • Furniture polish
  • Anti-scratch treatments
  • Leather cleaners
  • UV protectors
  • Reclining mechanisms
  • Handles
  • Textiles
  • Cylinder for console cover
  • Control button for electric mechanism
  • Power tilt motor

Replace your sofa mechanism

Replace your sofa handles


Here are some of the samples available. BRS Express offers you a vast selection of superior quality upholstery fabrics. For more details, contact us.