Personal services

For any type of repair or transformation for furniture, vehicle interiors, boat accessories and much more, BRS Express is the place to go for rapid, superior quality service.


BRS provides after-sale service for numerous furniture retailers in Québec.


Let the BRS team of experts, who are always on the look-out for new trends, advise you. Find the style you want for re-upholstering your chairs, sofas, garden furniture and much more, with hundreds of fabrics. High-quality vinyl and imitation leather fabrics are ideal for repairing or transforming seats and the interior panels in your vehicle, as well as for the cover and accessories for your boat.



A damaged sofa, a worn chair cushion, torn car seats: you may require upholstering services for a range of situations. The same for the boat seat upholstery. Make the most of our professional and specialized services by calling on BRS Express.


Professional cleaning services for your upholstery

Restore your upholstered furniture’s appearance and texture with the professional care of Nettoyeur de la cité.

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